Monthly Archives: July 2002

Task List for Accessibility

Now I’ve got a new challenge for my site: go through Mark Pilgrim’s Accessibility series. I’ve been following along over the last 30 days, so the challenge now is to see how much of this I can accomplish with CityDesk.

For most of the tips, Mark gives instructions for Radio, Movable Type, Blogger, and other weblog tools. CityDesk probably isn’t the best tool for weblogs, but this should be an interesting exercise.

Now Featuring…Book Reports

Well, it’s not quite like book reports I used to do for school, but I decided to start tracking books I’ve read. It also gives me a chance to play with Amazon’s new interface to their data. For now, I’m simply linking to the titles on Amazon’s page, but will expand on this later.

Books I’ve Read

Flags of Our Fathers

I just finished Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley and really enjoyed it. This book was released in May of 2000 (just before Father’s Day) and I’m sure it was very popular at the time. That doesn’t explain why it took me two years to get around to reading it, but I finally did over the July 4th holiday this year.

Overall I really enjoyed the book. My knowledge of Iwo Jima was limited to “the picture” and the fact that we fought the Japanese on some island in the Pacific. Along with learning a lot about the men in the picture, this book gives a good overview of the fight, often in graphic detail.

The book left me wanting to learn more about the war in the Pacific, but in the appendix the author lists numerous sources for further reading.

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