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CSS Support in PDA Browsers

MacEdition Guide to CSS2 Support in PDA/Handheld Browsers is a good detailed look at how well PDA mobile browsers can handle CSS. Their chart includes Web Pro (supplied with Palm Tungsten T), NetFront 3.0, Danger HipTop, and AvantGo 5.0. There are mixed results as well as a lot of “untested” features. (The site was last updated in November 2002 and may be a work in progress.)
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I’ve been looking for a good summary of current PDA/mobile web browsers, written for the benefit of web developers. A short list of useful techniques for supporting mobile browsers would probably be helpful. Also, most of these browsers have desktop simulators (or can be run in desktop device simulators), so web site designs can be tested without the need for actual devices.

Some starting points I’ve found include two articles from Four Palm OS Web browsers show their stuff (September 2002) and A survey of Palm OS Web browsers for IT professionals (August 2002).

Update 3/4/03: CodeBitch from sent me a pointer to the companion article to the CSS2 table. I should have pointed to this originally instead of just the table. As the article mentioned, it’s a work in progress. I’ll help out where I can.

Balloon 1.0

Updated 2003-12-11 with new URL for Balloon 1.0 project report.

Balloon v1.0 — “This is the story of how I designed, built, launched, and recovered a high-altitude weather balloon.”

This “weather” balloon project is really fascinating. I was especially interested in its ability to take pictures, reminding me of an old bookmark I’ve got for Kite Aerial Photography (Google search). Now if I just had more spare time…

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Pioneer Space Probe

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Deep space probe says farewell — “After more than 30 years in space heading away from Earth, Pioneer 10 has sent its last signal home.”

The full article is a great summary — launched in March 1972, it’s official mission ended 25 years later in March 1997, but NASA and JPL have continued to receive signals from it.

For further reading, it looks like the Pioneer mission home page on would be a good start. (However, at this time their server is not responding.)

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I thought the IRS was bad

Tax Program Develops An Insulting Approach (Walt Mossberg) — having used TurboTax for many years, I bought my copy this weekend only to learn that Intuit has added product activation and spyware to the installation process. They’ve already got a lucrative product with a guaranteed need to upgrade every year, so why go to the trouble of activation? Is sharing copies of TurboTax such a big problem? I’m already committed this year, but TaxCut is looking better for 2003.

Apparently this is a real support issue; their support FAQ page includes almost 40 topics. Thankfully they have finally published an uninstaller for the SafeCast spyware which normally wouldn’t be removed by removing TurboTax.