Cruft Force

Cleaning out old magazines I ran across this article which I had tagged: State of Decay by Verity Stob in Dr. Dobb’s Journal. A sampling:

Cruft Force 0. Virgin. Description: The “Connect to the Internet” shortcut is still on the desktop, and the “How to use Windows” dialog appears at logon. Menu animations and the various event-based sound effects – even the dreaded Microsoft Sound – seem cheerful and amusing. Likewise, a clandestine installation of the Blue Screen Of Death screensaver (complete with simulated reboot, natch) from the Sysinternals web site is hilarious. Compilers run crisply, and report only sensible, easily resolved errors. There are just nine directories off C:\.

Cruft Force 4. Middle-aged. Description: Amount of time from screen showing “real” Windows background to the logon box appearing is >30 seconds. Sometimes cannot “browse” other machines on LAN.

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