Monthly Archives: May 2003

CityDesk Notes Helpful

John Lam reports today that he found my CityDesk -> Movable Type conversion notes useful. Cool! I’m glad it was useful for someone else.

Like John, I moved over from CityDesk to MovableType. I like using CityDesk (a beta for v2.0 was recently announced), but have been very happy with Movable Type. I haven’t taken much advantage of Comments or TrackBack, but the simple ability to manage my blog or create entries from anywhere was the key feature for me.

Wind Tunnels Closed

I read in this morning’s paper that the wind tunnels at NASA/Ames Research Center in Mountain View are closing. These have been such a fixture here in the valley that most people have probably forgotten that they’re here. I remember going there for a school field trip a long time ago.

The wind tunnels have their own home page on I was hoping to see some interesting pictures to link to, but unlike most Nasa web sites, this one doesn’t have any good ones.

Nearby, Hanger One at Moffett Field may be demolished due to the amount of toxics on the site. Hopefully this is just a warning and they’ll be able to clean up the site without demolishing the building.

Hangar One remains one of the largest “non-supported” structures today, according to information kept by the Moffett Museum. It’s outsized by only a handful of other hangars in the world, Henderson said, standing 1,138 feet long, 308 feet wide, and 211 feet tall at its highest point. It’s so big, Henderson said, nearly three Titanic cruise ships could fit in its deep hollow.


PhotoPal looks like a promising server-based solution for organizing and presenting pictures. I really need to get caught up with all my digitial pictures — they’re quietly sitting in several folders on my desktop right now.

Update: It looks like PhotoPal is now known as PhotoStack.


Matrix Hype Peaking

The local paper (San Jose Mercury News) has been doing a full-court press leading up to the release of Matrix: Reloaded. I’m trying to avoid reading too much about it before I see it, but this quote from the SJ Mercury review was classic:

There is also an enormous freeway chase that feels like an old Burt Reynolds movie breaking out in the middle of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

That reminds me…is Smokey and the Bandit on DVD yet?