Monthly Archives: June 2003

Upgraded to MT 2.64

Tonight I finally upgraded from MovableType 2.51 to 2.64. Of the new features in 2.6, I’m not taking advantage of any immediately, but I wanted to have the latest bug fixes (esp. for XML-RPC), so I took the plunge and upgraded.

Overall it went easier than I had expected. Some notes for the next time I need to upgrade:

  1. Export all weblog entries (from each blog) and save as text files for backup (hey, I’m up to 93 weblog entries so far)
  2. On the server, create a tar backup of MT DB and cgi-bin directories
  3. Merge modified MT files where necessary (future: when changing anything, keep a copy of the original as well so that the changes are more clear)
  4. Upload all ‘upgrade’ files to appropriate locations
  5. Chmod all executable scripts to 700 (I’m running with cgiwrap, so it’s only my login user that needs to run these)
  6. Rename mt-comments.cgi so that no one runs it (even with comments disabled, I continued to get periodic comment spam hits)
  7. Check everything out to make sure it still works :)