Monthly Archives: July 2003

Joel on Functional Specs

Joel on Software is a valuable site for software developers. A former developer at Microsoft who now runs his own software company (Fog Creek Software), Joel Spolsky writes about software development in a common-sense manner. Periodically, I'll peruse the archive to read some of the older articles, even those I've read before.

Today I'm reading (again) his series on Painless Functional Specifications:

RSS for

Recently I discovered goodthatway, a tech news site whose tagline is “better living through better technology”. I suggested that the site offer an RSS feed to help people keep up with the latest links and stories. Scott from goodthatway was interested in the details, so I've put together this article with some details.

Article: Getting Started with RSS (an example using

Zire 71 Photos

Over the Fourth of July holiday, the kids had a lot of fun playing games on a couple of Palm handhelds that I brought. Back in the office on Monday, I found this set of pictures they had taken. Kind of artistic, eh? These were taken on my Zire 71 with its built-in camera.

Update: Pictures removed after I switched gallery software.