Feedster Backlog Support

Feedster (a search engine for RSS feeds) recently added the ability to index your entire site. Normally, it will read your RSS feed to add entries to its index. But, if you've set up your RSS feed to only provide a recent number of entires (like 10), you might want to ask Feedster to get caught up with all of your posts.

Here are the steps I followed to do this from MovableType:

  1. Log in to MT, navigate to Edit Templates page
  2. Edit your RSS template and copy the Template Body
  3. Create a new RSS template (with suitable name and output file) and paste in the RSS template copy; also, keep the automatic rebuild option turned off
  4. Find the <MTEntries lastn=”10″> tag and change the number to 1000 (or, high enough to cover all of your old postings)
  5. Save, then rebuild this index template
  6. Go to the Feedster site and fill in your e-mail address and the URL for your normal and “all” RSS feeds
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