Monthly Archives: August 2003

Racing Links

NASCAR race coverage is pretty thin on my usual sports stops (Yahoo and ESPN). Even is pretty light on content. Oftentimes all three sites run the same AP story with the results of a race.

In search of more news sources, I ran across a few good ones:

The next challenge would be to work with these sites to get RSS feeds available.

Google Ads

As an experiment, I signed up for Google Adsense. The most popular section of my website is my list of PDA friendly web site, so I thought I'd see what kind of ads Google would want to display. So far, everything is related to Palm PDAs, especially “shopping” links. There isn't too much traffic on this site, but it'll be interesting to see how it goes.

Ready for Vacation

We’re getting all set for the Big Vacation of the summer. Starting next week, we’re off for:

  • 4 days at Anaheim (Disneyland of course)
  • 5 days in San Diego (Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea World, Legoland)
  • 2 days in Santa Barbara (parent recovery time)

With some luck I’m going to try to post some pictures while we’re traveling for the folks back home. We’re already planning to bring the laptop so that the kids can watch DVDs on the drive down.