Daily Archives: 2003-10-01

Palm Fall 03 Products

Warning: This is a shameless plug for my employer.

Today Palm launched the new Fall product line consisting of three new products. Products are developed like clockwork (more or less) at Palm; each Spring and Fall brings a new set of products and the development projects behind them. The software for the “Fall 03” stuff was actually wrapped up in July for the most part, so we're busy at work on “Spring 04”.

As usual there is a fair amount of press coverage of the launch. Some of the online reviews I've read include these:

Update: Gizmodo has a good summarized list of online reviews.

ESPN2 Turns 10

Watching TV this morning I saw that ESPN2 is 10 years old today — it launched on October 1, 1993.

I'd point to something interesting on ESPN's web site, if they had anything. I can't find mention of it anywhere online. At least the TV Listings are up there, although not easy to find.

At least their wireless PDA page is still up and running.

ESPN2 Logo