Help Google Index Your Site

From comes a useful article called Help the Googlebot understand your web site which lists about a dozen tips for structuring your site for the best experience with the Google indexing software (Googlebot). already handles most of these suggestions except for the additiona meta robots tag which should cause it to not index my main page which is frequently changing.

When I recently changed from daily to individual archiving with MovableType, I saw a big improvement in search results through Google. With each post having its own title, the results were much better. (As opposed to searching for something and hitting a page whose title was “February 29, 2004”, for example.)

The point about having every page accessible through a text-based link is really important, but I'm amazed at how many sites are driven by a Flash-based front end. Searching Google for “flash required” results in about 4 million hits!

Overall, a good checklist worth reviewing.

[Via ~stevenf]