Daily Archives: 2004-03-12

Treo 600 Links

A few good links on the Treo 600 for future reference:

  • MovieRec is a simple movie recording app for the Treo; still under construction, but I tried it out and it worked pretty well
  • Jeff Ray's Treo 600 Page — lots of good software links, tips and tricks, including some hacks like changing the default carrier splash screens
  • Two active Yahoo! Groups: treo and treo600 — I'm not sure which will be the better of the two lists, so I subscribed to both for now


mo:Blog — Mobile Blogging for Palm — was just released at version 1.0. I've tried it briefly with my moblog and it seems to work well with MovableType and my Tungsten C. So far I've tried Mfop2, Vagablog, and now mo:Blog for moblogging. I should write up a summary of what I've found so far, but I'm excited that there are several choices in this area now.