palmOne Spring Products

palmOne just launched the “Spring 2004” product line today:

  • Zire 72 — multimedia product with high-res color display (320×320) and an improved 1.2 megapixel camera that also takes short video ($299 list)
  • Zire 31 — affordable color handheld with 160×160 color display ($149 list)

Both of these have a nice feature for setting the launcher and agenda background images. The Zire 72 Contacts application can also store a unique picture for each contact.

This launch also includes the latest effort from my (former) desktop team which is Palm Desktop 4.1.4. This release includes the additional fields added last Fall for the Tungsten T3 and E as well as support for Contact photos. The Outlook conduits were also updated to sync with the Contact photos available in Outlook 2003.

palmOne Zire 31 palmOne Zire 72