Monthly Archives: May 2004

Yahoo! Maps

Recently some folks pointed out that Yahoo! Maps can show WiFi Hotspots. This is similar to the sponsored links you can see at the bottom, showing things like Denny’s or Holiday Inn. The HotSpots are sponsored by Intel and seem to focus on paid services, resulting in lots of hits for Starbucks and McDonald’s, for example.

What interested me more was SmartView which can show businesses (from Yahoo! Yellow Pages I assume) on the same map. This is something I’ve been looking for and I’m surprised this didn’t come out sooner. For a given location, you can highlight various businesses like restaurants, gas stations and so on. This is a really useful feature.

Yahoo! Messenger 6.0

Tonight we launched release 6.0 of the Yahoo! Messenger client! Going live to the web at 6pm this evening, this was a different sort of product launch than I'm used to, but it's definitely cool. I've only been here a month, so haven't really contributed to this release at all. But, it's been a good learning experience to watch the very end of a release cycle.

Here's a quick rundown of the new features:

  • LAUNCHcase Radio — integrated into the IM client
  • Yahoo! Games — integrated into the IM client
  • Yahoo! Avatars
  • Display Images
  • Audibles — send talking animated characters
  • Skins
  • Emoticons — several new ones
  • IMVironments — not a 6.0 feature, but more are being released
  • Stealth Settings — appear online or offline to your individual friends
  • Address Book — integrated into the IM client

Go get it now:

If you want to IM me, my Yahoo! id is cantonib.

Spider-Man 2

One of the cool features of Yahoo! Messenger is “IMVironments™ — or simply “IMVs”. IMVs are kind of like a skin for your IM conversation window, but can also include interactivity and links to more content on the web. (See the full list of IMVs.)

Today I was playing around with the Spider-Man 2 IMV and noticed a link to the official Spider-Man 2 blog which includes a “how to blog” section, templates for Blogger and LiveJournal, and a “production web log”. The latter is kind of spotty and the RSS feed is out of date compared to the live content, but overall this is quite interesting.