Yahoo! Messenger 6.0

Tonight we launched release 6.0 of the Yahoo! Messenger client! Going live to the web at 6pm this evening, this was a different sort of product launch than I'm used to, but it's definitely cool. I've only been here a month, so haven't really contributed to this release at all. But, it's been a good learning experience to watch the very end of a release cycle.

Here's a quick rundown of the new features:

  • LAUNCHcase Radio — integrated into the IM client
  • Yahoo! Games — integrated into the IM client
  • Yahoo! Avatars
  • Display Images
  • Audibles — send talking animated characters
  • Skins
  • Emoticons — several new ones
  • IMVironments — not a 6.0 feature, but more are being released
  • Stealth Settings — appear online or offline to your individual friends
  • Address Book — integrated into the IM client

Go get it now:

If you want to IM me, my Yahoo! id is cantonib.

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