Daily Archives: 2004-06-07

Switched to Treo 600

I finally switched from my plain old cellphone to a Treo 600 and I'm really enjoying it. I'm not sure why I waited until two months after I actually stopped working at Palm, but I wasn't quite ready to commit. I'm so used to the high resolution color of my Tungsten T3 and the fast 802.11 wireless LAN on my Tungsten C, I was reluctant to go down to the lower res display of the Treo. But, being able to carry one device around has been worth it. I've even got the entire Yahoo! phone list loaded (well, at least for the Sunnyvale office which is over 2600 people!).

I was already a SprintPCS customer, so switching my current number to this phone was really simple. For $15/month, I added the “Vision Pro Pack” which gives you unlimited data access for web/e-mail and I believe 100 SMS messages.

I've loaded VersaMail 2.7 and am using it to grab my personal e-mail from cantoni.org (VersaMail supports IMAP which is essential). Version 2.7 has a few bugs and oddities when run on the Treo, but I believe the good team at Palm is working on the next release which should work better.

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