Monthly Archives: July 2004


This week I finally rented Timeline which I've been meaning to watch for a while now. Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the movie — it had received only average reviews so I was prepared for the worst. If nothing else it reminded me that I really need to read the book by Michael Crichton.

If nothing else, the movie was educational. I learned about Greek Fire which sounds pretty cool. Also, I always thought “trebuchet” was a Microsoft font but now I learn it also refers to a medieval siege engine. I also found a website dedicated to building your own trebuchets (wow!) — or for the more tame you can buy minuature working models to learn about the physics (and fling objects around the office).


USS Hornet and Apollo 11

A short news story on the radio this morning was covering the USS Hornet and its role in recovering the Apollo 11 and 12 space missions. The Hornet is permanently docked here in the SF Bay Area in Alameda, but I haven't yet seen it. Starting this weekend the museum is hosting Splashdown! with various celebrations all week long.

The USS Hornet Museum will be hosting a festival July 16-25, 2004, to commemorate the 35th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 and 12 flights, which landed the first humans on the moon. As the primary recovery vessel for these historic missions, the USS Hornet played an important role in the Apollo space program. The Museum will be opening two new exhibits showcasing Hornet’s role as well as other spacecraft recovery missions performed by the US Navy supporting Mercury, Gemini, Skylab and Soyuz launches.

Apollo 11 & 12 Splashdown!

NHRA Tickets for Sale

In two weeks the top drag series in the country is coming to Infineon Raceway. I’m going on Sunday, but can’t make Friday or Saturday and I’ve put those tickets on eBay. If anyone local hasn’t seen drag racing at its best, here’s your chance!

Update: Sold ’em straight away. Typical eBay results: not much interest until the last 24 hours, but it worked out well.