Daily Archives: 2004-10-26

CityDesk Slideshows

Having previously shown how the S5 slideshow system can be integrated with MovableType, I thought CityDesk might also be a nice integration point. CityDesk makes it easy to edit web pages and has a pretty powerful template system that would allow creation of S5-formatted output files.

Result: after an hour or two of fiddling, I created a sample CityDesk project file that, when published, creates an S5 slideshow of the content inside.

Check it out: CityDesk Slideshows

S5 and MovableType

(Updated: Corrected link to the sample presentation.)

Anil Dash from Six Apart posted instructions for implementing Eric Meyer’s S5 slideshow system with MovableType templates. This is a great example of both the simplicity of the S5 system and the power of a template-driven website.

In a couple of minutes, I implemented the technique on Cantoni.org to see how well it works (see Cantoni.org Slideshow for the result). The longer posts and images overflow the page, but it’s a quick example that shows what is possible.