Monthly Archives: November 2004

Fixing Family PCs

Engadget has a good article suggesting people load up their USB drives with spyware/adware cleaners, Firefox and so on for fixing up their family’s PCs during the holidays. Lots of good suggestions in the comments as well. Today I did my small part by introducing my dad to Firefox as an IE alternative :)

[Via Mike at Larkware who offers another good alternative — bring a DVD full of pictures of the kids.]

Wrapping up The Chase

NASCAR’s season-ending “chase to the championship” wrapped up last weekend and overall feedback seems to be positive. Last weekend’s race was pretty exciting at the end. At first I thought the constant “points as they run” updates on TV would be tiring, but it was pretty cool how close everyone was and how a few positions made the difference.

Full Throttle has some quick points about the season, including the fact that 8 of the final 10 races were won by title contenders (Joe Nemechek and Greg Biffle were the only non-contender winners). By the way, Full Throttle is good racing blog to keep an eye on (just subscribed).

Flickr Photosets

Continuing my recent experiments with Flickr, I recently installed Jim Flanagan’s MTFlickrPhotosets plugin for this site. The plugin brings in the ‘primary’ photo for each photoset with a link (those of use reading from my RSS or Atom feed will need to visit the site to see…). My CSS needs some more tweaking to make the images look decent, but otherwise I’m happy with the result.

I made a slight modification to only show those photosets that are marked “public”. (On Flickr you can designate photos as publicly viewable, or restrict to friends/family.) It’s a minor tweak, but keeps my family-centric photos hidden from this list.

Flickr Screensaver

A new application of Flickr (online photo system): Flickr Screensaver (for Windows) will automatically download pictures from Flickr and show them as your screensaver. There are numerous options for filtering which images to show — yours, everyone’s, by tag, by group, etc.

I’ve been really impressed with Flickr so far, in particular their emphasis on developer interfaces which have lead to interesting applications like this.

Flickr also has a mobile version of their site which works pretty well (although I couldn’t get the photo upload page to work on my Treo 600).

I’ve only had a couple of problems with Flickr:

  • All the photo dates use the upload date (or possible the file modification date) rather than the date the picture was taken. It looks like this is something they’re working on for the future.
  • If I create pictures for “family” or “friends”, I can invite people to view them, but they need to create a Flickr account to do so. It would be nice to have some ability to share private albums with a simple password.

Soon it seems the “beta” will be over and annual subscriptions will be needed for much of the functionality. I’m always hesitant to add yet another recurring expense, but Flickr might be worth it.

[Via Voidstar]