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Anda’s Game

Cory Doctorow has just published a new short story on Salon.com — Anda’s Game. I haven’t read it yet, but based on Cory’s previous works, I’m sure it will be interesting. A unique twist is the licensing of the story under Creative Commons, making it redistributable in different forms.

Along those lines, I dusted off my knowledge of the old Peanut Press / Palm Digital Media eBook maker and created an eReader version of the book for reading on my Palm: Anda’s Game, eReader for Palm OS format (57 KB).

If you can’t track down the free reader (which is hard to find from the eReader website), here’s a direct link: eReader Free.

NASCAR in Phoenix

Not quite “real time” posting, but I finally uploaded some of the pictures I took at the NASCAR race in Phoenix, AZ last weekend. Grace and I spent five days down there and had a blast. We made it out to the track (Phoenix International Raceway, or PIR) for all four days and got to see lots of behind-the-scenes action. Not to mention a sizable amount of souvenir shopping and beer drinking.

The one thing that surprised me about PIR was how big the place is. We walked several miles the first couple of days, checking everything out. Our seats were one section away from the start finish line, so we had a great view of the front stretch and the pits. If I go again, I’d buy tickets sooner to get higher up (we were in row 12). Next year Phoenix will have two race weekend (April and November), so this area is really benefiting from NASCAR.

Pictures uploaded to Flickr: NASCAR Phoenix

NASCAR in Phoenix


Jeff from Writing on Your Palm recently wrote a “howto” for Palmcasting — basically explaining what Podcasts are and how to download them to a Palm device. This is a nice summary of the steps involved and references Pocket Tunes which is shaping up to be the best media player for Palm OS.

I’ve written before about Zodcasting with the Zodiac device. There’s a lot of potential here for PDAs as mobile audio players for podcasts. The achille’s heel is that last step of pushing MP3 files down to the device. I need to do some more experimenting in this area, but there’s probably an opportunity for some software to help automate that process, whether it’s a conduit or a better hook through Windows Media Player.