Daily Archives: 2004-11-25

Fixing Family PCs

Engadget has a good article suggesting people load up their USB drives with spyware/adware cleaners, Firefox and so on for fixing up their family’s PCs during the holidays. Lots of good suggestions in the comments as well. Today I did my small part by introducing my dad to Firefox as an IE alternative :)

[Via Mike at Larkware who offers another good alternative — bring a DVD full of pictures of the kids.]

Wrapping up The Chase

NASCAR’s season-ending “chase to the championship” wrapped up last weekend and overall feedback seems to be positive. Last weekend’s race was pretty exciting at the end. At first I thought the constant “points as they run” updates on TV would be tiring, but it was pretty cool how close everyone was and how a few positions made the difference.

Full Throttle has some quick points about the season, including the fact that 8 of the final 10 races were won by title contenders (Joe Nemechek and Greg Biffle were the only non-contender winners). By the way, Full Throttle is good racing blog to keep an eye on (just subscribed).