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Tapwave is no More

This is a couple days old, but it looks like Tapwave is now officially out of business:

We are sorry to inform you that the Zodiac business was discontinued and service and support are no longer available as of July 25th 2005.

We thank you for your past interest and support and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. If you have an outstanding claim with the company, Ueker and Associates will be contacting you shortly.

Interesting note about outstanding claims (my emphasis). That’s never a good sign.

When I worked at Palm (98-04), we saw the rise of the “Palm OS Platform” and tried to keep up with cool PDAs from Sony, Handspring and finally Tapwave. Sony exited the business, Handspring was bought by Palm, and now Tapwave shuts the doors. Not sure whether this is a good thing or not for the platform, but if it returns to the days when Palm was in the leadership position, that should be a good thing.

More on Technorati: Tapwave


From Kevin Devin’s In the Trenches podcast, I heard about a WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl) server package called Uniform Server. I’ve spend a couple days playing with it and confirmed this is really cool.

Basically you get an assembled package in a Zip file. Just extract the Zip into a location of your choice and run start.bat to start it up. The main control panel is through a web interface where you can start/stop MySQL server and control it through phpMyAdmin. You’ll have a full system running literally moments after download.

Right now I’m using it to run MovableType 3.2 beta on my desktop. Rather than messing up anything on my server, this makes a great testbed.

Yahoo! Music on Palm Devices

I’ve been having fun with Yahoo! Music Unlimited, an inexpensive music subscription service that is currently in beta. Unfortunately my stinking Creative Zen Touch is still waiting for a firmware upgrade to be compatible with these subscription services.

The good news this week: Pocket Tunes v3.1 has added Windows Media DRM support for subscription stores, including Yahoo’s! This afternoon I loaded up my Tungsten T3 and gave it a whirl. Other than download speed (which is really slow through HotSync), it worked just fine. Newer devices like the T5 and LifeDrive should have faster data transfer times. I think you can also copy the protected WMA files directly to a memory card, but I need to confirm.

Check the list of supported devices. Unfortunately the Treo 600 is not supported, but the 650 is. Another reason to upgrade I suppose…

Michael Waltrip and DEI Parting Ways

As many suspected, today it was announced that Michael Waltrip won’t race for DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc) next year. I’ve always rooted for Michael to do well; he’s such a great spokesman for the sport and is really generous with his time for the fans. My daughters have a fledgling interest in NASCAR (thanks to my brainwashing); the one who love Michael is going to be upset about this. On the upside, those Napa #15 hats might be worth something now. Luckily, Dale Jr is her “backup” and I think we’ll have him around for a long time.

Michael Waltrip signing autographs, Phoenix Intl Raceway, 2004-11-05

Yahoo! Local vCards

Continuing with my theme of improving Yahoo! Local, I really wanted an easier way to save the address information I found, preferably in something portable like the vCard format.

It still has a few rough edges, but I created a solution with a bookmarklet that connects to a CGI script on my server. Clicking the bookmarklet from any Yahoo! Local “details” results page will return a vCard file that can opened or saved locally.

To install, drag the following link to your browsers’ toolbar: Y!Local vCard.

(For Internet Explorer under Windows XP SP2, right-click on the link and choose Add to Favorites, answer Yes to the warning, then select the Links folder.)

I’d still like to add some better error checking and possibly capture more details like the notes, reviews, map link, etc., so this is still a work in progress. If anyone has any comments or suggestions, just let me know!