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SDForum Search SIG

Getting caught up on my SDForum email this morning, I caught notice of a new Search SIG whose first meeting will be right here on the Yahoo campus:

Join SDForum on Wed, 9/14 at Yahoo’s headquarters in Sunnyvale for the inaugural Silicon Valley Search SIG, where our first meeting will be an overview of the audio search market and an in-depth look at podcasting startups, directiories, and tools.

With the raging popularity of iTunes, the announcement of Yahoo Audio Search, and the sudden upsurge in podcasting — not to mention recent notable venture financings for startups like PodShow and Odeo — the audio search & podcasting market appears to be heating up fast.

Our program will feature an interview & perspective with larger players in the audio and podcast market, as well as a sneak peek at some of the up & coming audio startups who are making headlines. We will also feature product demos by our speakers as part of our meeting, and perhaps some new feature announcements as well.”

Looks like fun — I’ll be there.

Indy Cars in the Bay Area

This past weekend we watched the Indy Racy League series at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California. This was the first-ever road course race (aka “natural terrain course”) for IRL and the first top-tier open wheel race in Sonoma in 35 years.

As a bonus, we had a chance encounter with Danica Patrick, this year’s hottest star in IRL. She came running out of the Argent Mortgage pre-race event and hopped on her scooter, signing only one autograph in the process. On Monday, my dad noticed a picture of Danica in the Stockton Record and spotted me in the background.

The Record doesn’t put their pictures online, but here’s a scan from the paper. Click to see the larger image — I’m the goofy looking guy in a white shirt in the background:

Danica Patrick, Infineon Raceway

Atlanta Highlights

Visiting our Atlanta office this week for a couple days, we managed to squeeze in some fun entertainment to go along with the all-day meetings:

  • Dukes of Hazaard — surprisingly good, especially the car stunts (i.e. most of the movie); some good character actors as well
  • Brazilian churrascaria — excellent food; non-stop meat fest (“Meatlanta”)
  • Whirlyball — hard to describe, basically a team bumpercar/basketball combination; we were skeptical at first but had a great time (albeit with a few bruises…)

Excel Pivot Tables

O’Reilly has a posted a pretty good overview of Excel Pivot Tables on WindowsDevCenter. The summary is accurate:

The Pivot Tables tool is one of the most powerful yet intimidating features in Excel. Pivot tables allow you to quickly summarize and analyze large amounts of data in lists and tables–independent of the original data layout in your spreadsheet–by dragging and dropping columns to different rows, columns, or summary positions.

I’ve been using pivot tables with good success to analyze bug data from Bugzilla. As this article mentions, pivot tables are not that complicated, but they are not easy to learn. In a past job, I watched over someone’s shoulder as they went through it and realized how straightforward it is.

Yahoo! Messenger 7.0 Launch

Just under 3 months ago, we launched the new Yahoo! Messenger 7.0 client in beta. Tonight we finalized the deal by pushing the GA (general availability) client for all countries. Compared to last time, the work to push everything live was much smoother this time, so my stress level was much better. Of course there were a few hiccups, but we’re getting better with each release.

Check out the new features (and the new “Super Messenger” promo): Yahoo! Messenger.

Yahoo! Messenger 7.0