Daily Archives: 2005-08-02

Yahoo! Publisher Network

Talk about good timing! Just yesterday my semi-annual AdSense check arrived from Google — this is still kind of ironic given that I work at Yahoo. Internally there had been some talk of a similar system for smaller web publishers and today, the Yahoo! Publisher Network Self-Serve Beta was announced:

You may have heard a few rumors over the past few months about Yahoo! developing more solutions for small- and medium-sized publishers. Well, those rumors are true, and we’re 100% committed to living up to them.

Our new self-serve platform will offer publishers new sources of revenue, starting with our Content Match contextual advertising product, and one-stop access to unique Yahoo! products, such as “Add to My Yahoo!” buttons and Yahoo!’s Y!Q beta. The Yahoo! Publisher Network self-serve beta will also offer phone and email customer service and in the coming weeks, will feature ad targeting capabilities to publishers.

It’s not quite open for business yet, but you can submit your contact info to be notified when it is.