Daily Archives: 2005-09-06

BBQ Blogs!

Hoping to branch out from all these technical blogs I try to keep up with, I just found a couple of promising BBQ blogs:
* The BBQ Report
* BBQ Junkie

Jeff pointed out this BBQ news article on the BBQ Report:

The smoldering coals of a tailgate barbecue ignited a fire that destroyed six vehicles in the parking lot at Qualcomm Stadium during a Charger’s game. The blaze also damaged four other nearby vehicles.

I’ve actually seen the same thing at a Chargers game, probably 15 years ago or more. We tailgated and watched the Raiders play the Chargers. After the game, not too far from our spot was the smoldering frame of a large motorhome that had gone up in smoke during the game!

(Via Jeff Barr)