Daily Archives: 2006-02-14

Yahoo! UI Library

I spent the whole afternoon in jury duty, coming home to learn about the new Yahoo! User Interface blog which coincides with the public launch of the Yahoo! UI Library and Design Patterns. It looks like all this stuff launched yesterday (Monday, February 13). Here’s the scoop from the new UI blog:

This blog is the companion blog for two libraries we’re proudly releasing today. The new Yahoo! Design Pattern Library offers our thinking on common interface design issues for traditional and rich Internet applications. The new Yahoo! User Interface Library is a collection of industrial-grade JavaScript utilities and widgets that enable you to efficiently get the most out of today’s powerful browsers. In both cases, these are the exact same things that power Yahoo! today.

Everything is provided under a really-open BSD license. I knew we had a couple such efforts for internal use, but had no idea we were working on a public release. Those public Yahoo! blogs are helpful even if you happen to work there :)

Yahoo! User Interface Blog

Screencast: Aardvark Firefox Extension

I recently discovered the Aardvark Firefox extension and have found it quite helpful for printing web sites that don’t already offer “printer friendly” versions. Aardvark lets you remove page elements like navigation bars or ads. Whether you’re printing out a longer article or just trying to read something online, this is really a helpful tool.

To demonstrate this extension, I’ve made my first screencast with Camtasia Studio. I’m still trying to figure out the best combination of image/sound quality versus file size. I’ve published a couple different combinations to try:

Update 2006-08-16: I re-created the Flash version to improve the audio. File size is up a little, now 20MB, but the screencast sounds much better now.