Daily Archives: 2006-06-28

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac Beta

This afternoon we launched a public beta of Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0. According to my information, our last Mac release was in September 2003, or almost 3 years ago! This release is basically an all-new client and should hopefully show that we’re back in the Mac business. I know there is a lot planned for this client, so we should keep the Mac support getting better with each release.

I’m on the lookout for interesting reviews of the new release. TechCrunch had this to say:

Its feature set is interesting, but it appears to lack two of the PC version’s most compelling qualities: VOIP and the growing library of plugins built on the recently released software development kit.

Those points are valid. This isn’t exactly a “catch-up” release, but the Mac client will inevitably be compared to the Windows client which has pushed a lot of innovative changes lately. But, I’m glad we released the beta now and hopefully subsequent releases will keep Mac users excited about it.

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New Mac PowerBook

Don’t know if I’m really ready for a full-blown “switch“, but I recently bought from a friend at work his old PowerBook G4. (He joined practically every other Mac user I know in buying a new MacBook Pro, so I’m benefiting from his castoff.)

I’ve been a Mac users off an on, but have never owned a decent one like this. There is no shortage of Mac users at work, so I’m getting the scoop on the “must have” software applications. This weekend’s trip to Gnomedex will be a good test as I go Windows-free for several days (which, for some reason, reminds me of a Ted Ferguson skit).