Movable Type 3.3

Tonight I updated the site to Movable Type 3.3. Eleven months ago to the day, I updated to 3.2; following the same steps this time made it go pretty smoothly:

  • Backup everything
  • Installed new MT 3.2 files in version-specific directories
  • Set up symbolic links for ‘mt’ and ‘mt-static’ to point to 3.31 rather than 3.2
  • Review mt-config.cgi (no changes needed)
  • Ran mt-check.cgi to confirm everything was good (it was)
  • Ran mt-upgrade.cgi, upgrading the database (which went smoothly)
  • Reviewed weblog settings to make cheap propranolol online sure everything came over (it did)
  • Rebuilt the entire site
  • Copy over existing MT plugins and associated Perl code, then rebuild again

Now, just like I said 11 months ago, I really want to get my templates cleaned up and get a new style put together. I’ve been browsing the standard style library from Six Apart as well as the recent style contest, but haven’t found a winner yet. Arvind Satyanarayan’s style generator looks interesting as well.