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Vista Launch Picture Madness

This picture from a New York Times article on the Vista launch has been making the blogging rounds today:

Vista Launch Picture from New York Times

Now, it’s hard to argue that the executives pictured (from Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Toshiba, AMD and HP) all look pretty serious, possibly even dour. But, who knows the context of that exact moment when the picture was taken? Rather than being a real indicator of the enthusiasm (or lack thereof) of the participating companies, I think it’s just the same old media trick of choosing an image to suit the story, even (especially) if it doesn’t portray the subject in a positive light.

Contrast this with the excellent coverage of the Steve Jobs keynote at this year’s Macworld at Presentation Zen. At first glance you might think it’s the same old tune: boring corporate guy from Cingular pales in comparison to the cool kids from Apple, Google, and Yahoo. But, read through the whole summary, then watch the video. The video gives you the whole context which exactly backs up the points of the story.

GM Day at Yahoo!


GM Day at Yahoo – 05.jpg

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Today GM brought all their latest models for a mini car show right here at Yahoo! HQ. Not sure what the tie-in is, but I assume they do a lot of advertising business with us. The GM reps were pretty cool, not trying too hard to sell, but seemed happy to chat with the employees.

Proteus Prototype Watercraft

The front page of today’s San Jose Mercury covered the unveiling of a new high-tech watercraft called Proteus:

Dr. No, your escape vehicle is ready. The 100-foot, spider-shaped contraption skimming around San Francisco Bay looked more like a James Bondian vessel than it did a new class of watercraft. But that’s exactly what its inventor, Ugo Conti of El Cerrito, says he’s achieved.

This thing looks really wild. It’s hard to judge the size from the pictures, but the specs say the beam is 50 feet (15.2 m), so it’s probably 100 feet (30.5 m) in length.

The WAM-V, short for Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel, was built by Marine Advanced Research. Check their home page for specs and more detailed pictures. They have an interesting list of sponsors as well:

  • Autodesk (Autodesk Inventor 3D design software)
  • Cummins (Cummins MerCruiser diesel engines)
  • Twin Disc (gears and propulsion)
  • Timet (titanium springs)
  • HP (computer systems)

For a video of the Proteus on San Francisco bay, check the Mercury News Photo site.

Proteus WAM-V Prototype