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Yahoo! Messenger Blog

Yahoo! Messenger Blog

Tonight we launched the official Yahoo! Messenger Blog! (I say “we”, but I only played a small roll; our web developer Ryan, designer Chin, and product manager Sarah created this). So far there’s only a “first post” type message, but I know the product team has a lot of topics to discuss. Hopefully this blog will give some transparency to the Yahoo! Messenger products and the team behind them. We even have comments enabled and that should be interesting.

VideoJug (How to Make a Mojito)

VideoJug — “Life Explained. On Film.” — is a new site full of how-to videos in categories like food, health, pets, leisure and so on. It looks like the bulk of the videos are produced by VideoJug, but they also have the ability to submit your own. The topics are pretty varied from How to Float a Ping Pong Ball in the Air to How to be the Perfect Girlfriend.

Here’s a great example which shows how to make a mojito (if the video doesn’t show, here’s an alternate link):

VideoJug: How to Make a Mojito

(Via Somewhat Frank)