Daily Archives: 2007-10-17

AdMob Publishes Mobile Ads Metrics

AdMob is an up and coming mobile advertising platform, supporting both the advertisers and publishers (including my Mobile Website list). AdMob is in a unique position given they serve millions of ads to mobile devices each day. Today they published a summary report of some metrics from September 2007:

AdMob Mobile Metrics is a new report with market level data. This initial report covers the month of September and includes manufacturer, device and country-specific data on AdMob’s top four markets by impressions served: US, UK, India and South Africa. In the future, we plan to add operator data and incremental data on devices. AdMob plans to release new reports on a monthly basis.

It’s great that AdMob is being this transparent with their data. Granted, they aren’t revealing anything too proprietary like advertising or click-through rates, but the data shown gives a great sense of the actual mobile phones in use today (at least, those that are browsing websites featuring AdMob ads).

A couple years ago I summarized mobile device user agent types accessing my mobile website list. Now I need to update that data and compare to what AdMob is seeing.

See the image below for a snapshot of the worldwide market share, or visit the AdMob Metrics page for all the details.

AdMob Ad Data Graph