Daily Archives: 2007-12-13

Get Detailed Stats On Flickr

If you’re a Flickr user and have been wanting a better understanding of who is viewing your pictures, you’ll be happy with today’s launch of Flickr stats for pro members:

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you — we’ve launched another of our most often requested features. Yay!

In order to get started, you’ll need to first login to Flickr, then visit the stats activation page. That page will tell you to wait a bit for the stats data to appear. The FAQ says it may take up to 24 hours, but mine were ready in about 10 minutes. (But then, I don’t have a huge number of photos.)

Once your stats do arrive, you’ll see a great breakdown of overall stats, including daily aggregate views, and view counts for photos, photostreams, sets, and collections. These counts are available for the previous day, this week, last week, and all time.

Flickr photo stats most viewed The most viewed photos are shown next, complete with miniature thumbnails. Clicking on a picture title leads you to a full page of stats just for that one picture, so you can really drill down to as much detail as you want.

Flickr photo stats referrers

Next up is the referrer data typical of a blog stats package. It shows the breakdown by referrers from Flickr itself, search engines, other sites, and direct links. Traffic from search engines and other sites can be clicked on to show the exact referring link or search term used.


Flickr photo stats breakdownFinally there is a breakdown of all photos in various categories such as public vs. private, geotagged vs. not geotagged, etc. A nice touch here: most of the “not …” sets are linked to the Flickr organizer. So if you were the sort that always wanted to make sure pictures were in sets and not orphaned, you could click on the “Not in sets” link to bring them all up at once.

All in all it’s nice addition to Flickr and perhaps another good reason to have a paid Pro level account.