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Time Management for Creative People

A while ago a followed a link to an interesting e-book titled "Time Management for Creative People" by Mark McGuinness. I quickly printed a copy for reading at home and dropped it into the briefcase. Several weeks later (so much for time management), I finally read it last night and found a nice set of suggestions and ideas for better managing your "creative" time.

The book brings together several suggestions in a nice combination, including task prioritization and to-do lists, blocking out your most creative time, and some concepts I hadn’t seen before like "do it tomorrow".

If you find the book helpful, check out the wishful thinking blog as well.

Book Cover: Time Management for Creative People

Top 30 Mobile Websites

Update: For the most current data (all of 2008), please see Top Mobile Websites for 2008.

Last September, I reported on the top 20 mobile
that readers of my mobile website list
were clicking on. Since six months
have gone by, I thought it was a perfect time for an update.

Today I present the “top 30” mobile websites as recorded on These results are captured by my MyBlogLog
community widget which reports on not just page views, but
links clicked exiting the site.

The same caveat applies: any mobile browser with Javascript
either disabled or not present is not tracked. Regardless,
the overall trend should still be accurate.

Over the last 6 months, we recorded a total of about 180,000
links that were followed (an average of about 1,000 per
day). Here are the top 30 mobile websites, in order:

  1. YouTube
  2. Maxim
  3. CNN Mobile
  4. Google Maps
  5. American Express
  6. Wapedia (encyclopedia)
  7. PDA Animated Weather
  8. GameGeek
  9. Flickr Mobile
  10. Fandango
  11. Mobile Stream Center
  12. The Onion
  13. MySpace
  14. Mobile MapQuest
  15. AccuWeather
  16. Mobile speed test
  17. Mobile DrinkBoy
  18. Car and Driver
  19. TV Guide
  20. Google
  21. Traffic
  22. Gas Buddy
  23. MTV
  24. Wireless Edition
  25. Gameloft
  27. Facebook
  28. ESPN
  29. Fatwallet
  30. FOX News

Twitter in Plain English

If you haven’t yet seen the “Explanations in Plain English” series from Common Craft, you really need to go check them out. The latest in the series came out this week: “Twitter in Plain English“.

[ Visit the Common Craft site to view this video. ]

Common Craft created a simple but effective presentation method using paper cut-outs and a whiteboard to explain technical topics. If you liked this video, visit their site to watch explanations of social networking, online photo sharing, RSS, and even Zombies!

Comments Anyone?

Part of my motivation for finally upgrading this site to the latest version of Movable Type was to allow comments to once again be possible. Among other problems, the comment spam handling was limited, so real comments were getting lost in the noise.

With the upgrade complete, I think I’ve got it set correctly to take anonymous comments that don’t require registration or even an email address.

With that I have a favor to ask: if you’ve got a minute to spare, could you come visit this entry on my blog and leave a comment? Thanks!