Daily Archives: 2010-04-13

Sprint Website Down for 84 Hours (and Counting)

The Sprint website has been down and unusable for over 48 84 hours now as Sprint is launching a new software release. You can follow along with their Twitter account @sprintdotcom, watching as the early enthusiasm evolves into more-infrequent, depressing updates. I realize that having the site down is probably not the end of the world (certainly, keeping the Phone network itself up should be job #1 over there), but this “upgrade” is starting to look like a real snafu.

Normally I don’t visit Sprint.com much, but this weekend I needed to activate a replacement phone and couldn’t get it done online. Visited the local Sprint store today and got it taken care of, but even the Sprint staff was grumbling about their in-store software which was also just updated.

Cute outage message screenshot (click for larger image):

Sprint Website Outage Message
Sprint Website Outage Message