Daily Archives: 2012-07-11

Android Screenshots and Screen Capture

In addition to Android Screencast (which I just demonstrated with my broken HTC Evo), I’ve had good success with another Java desktop application called Android Screenshot and Screen Capture. Both products are very similar, and have similar issues such as the slow refresh rate. But, Android Screenshot and Screen Capture has a higher resolution, and looks much better when the desktop window is expanded – like you might do in an online meeting.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Android Screencast Comparison

Android Screenshot and Screen Capture (left) has a higher resolution than Android Screencast (right)

And here’s a screenshot of the software in an online meeting:

Android Screencast in Online Meeting

Android Screenshot and Screen Capture works well in online meetings for Android software demonstrations

Android Screencast

I’ve been using Android Screencast as a solution for sharing my phone’s screen in online meetings. The refresh rate is a bit slow, but the quality is decent and it works well on both PCs and Macs.

My HTC Evo Android phone recently met its demise when I dropped it. Today I found using Android Screencast was a handy way to get some data off the phone even though most of the screen isn’t working:

Android Screencast Example

Android screencast software is helpful when you’ve dropped your Android phone and broken the screen (but the phone still works)