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Kate Winslet and American Express

Tonight while vegging out watching some “must see TV” (well, at least Lost is finally on again), I caught again the Kate Winslet American Express commercial. I appreciate commercials like this — smart and subtle. It wasn’t until the very end (when Kate picks up a hook) that I figured out who it was.

A little digging on IMDB helped me piece together (I think) the movies with the dialog:

“At 17 I went to prison for murder” (Heavenly Creatures, 1994)

“By 19, I was pennyless and heartbroken” (Sense and Sensibility, 1995)

“I almost drowned at 20” (Titanic, 1997)

“My mind started to go at 24” (Iris, 2001)

“Then I had my memory erased at 28” (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004)

“And by 29, I was in Neverland” (Neverland, 2004)

For more celebrity commercials, check out the American Express site.

Update 2005-10-20: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram just published a column mentioning my breakdown of this commercial.

BBQ Blogs!

Hoping to branch out from all these technical blogs I try to keep up with, I just found a couple of promising BBQ blogs:
* The BBQ Report
* BBQ Junkie

Jeff pointed out this BBQ news article on the BBQ Report:

The smoldering coals of a tailgate barbecue ignited a fire that destroyed six vehicles in the parking lot at Qualcomm Stadium during a Charger’s game. The blaze also damaged four other nearby vehicles.

I’ve actually seen the same thing at a Chargers game, probably 15 years ago or more. We tailgated and watched the Raiders play the Chargers. After the game, not too far from our spot was the smoldering frame of a large motorhome that had gone up in smoke during the game!

(Via Jeff Barr)

Lost Explained!

From comes this little gem, explaining the final episode of Lost in terms of the famous adventure game Zork:

LOST> look crate
Inside the wooden crate you see many sticks of dynamite,
encrusted with nitroglycerin, packed in straw.
Arzt says, "Do you know what happens to dynamite in tropical
weather? It sweats nitroglycerin. Nitroglycerin is the most
unstable chemical known to man."
Suddenly, Arzt explodes.

(Via Don’t Back Down)

Bay Area Joints

The weekend the San Jose Mercury News ran an article titled Well-aged joints survive in midst of same old suburban sprawl (warning: annoying registration required).

When I told a younger colleague that I wanted to write about famous joints in our area, he went through his mental checklist with a baffled look. Did I mean state prisons? Nah. Dope? No. Body parts? Heaven forbid. The notion of a well-aged watering hole and eatery eluded him.

But that’s the first definition in my dictionary for the word “joint” — a place that might have looked in place in the 1940s, a place where all of the characters Humphrey Bogart ever played would seem at home, a place where the bartenders and waitresses know you, a place where they might even call you “Hon.”

In a true joint, you expect a story as much as a meal or a drink. The food is often only adequate. A quirky individuality — this place is what it is, take it or leave it — lures customers back.

Here’s the list; I can personally vouch for the Alpine Inn, the Cats, Henry’s Hi-Life, and the Old Pro. Looks like I have a couple more spots to try out…

It’s Great to be a Kid

Oh to be a kid again. With the school year nearing the end, our kids’ school has “spirit week” right now:

  • Monday: Pajama Day
  • Tuesday: Crazy Sock Day (see below)
  • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday
  • Thursday: Decade Day (come dressed from your favorite decade)
  • Friday: Sports Day

Now if we could only get this going in the “crazy” working world for adults, we’d really have something.

Crazy Socks!