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My mobile website resource site has been cruising along with a growing user base and a steady stream of suggested new sites. I wanted to stick with the original one-page design as long as possible, but finally I realized the page size was just too large. With over 300 links, the page weighed in at almost 22KB. Worse, I found it increasingly difficult to navigate within the page because the links list was just too long.

Tonight I’m releasing a big update to the site: we now have a “home” or index page at The home page has a list of categories, each of which are now on their own page. The structure is to simply add the category name in the URL, so News junkies for example could bookmark:

With the split, the home page is once again really lightweight (under 3KB) while the category pages are all under 8KB each. redesign screenshot

Seafood Watch – Mobile Edition

Seafood Watch Mobile Website

Seafood Watch (part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium) has published their Seafood Guides for quite a while — giving cooks and diners helpful guidance about the impact to eating different types of seafood. Now they’ve created an online mobile edition in two forms: a Seafood Watch iPhone application, and a Seafood Watch mobile website.

The guide is split into several regions of the US and is also available in Spanish. Fish are categorized as Avoid, Good Alternatives, or Best Choices. Each fish type is linked to a short summary of how the recommendation was assigned. For example, you can find out why Alaska wild-caught salmon is a much better choice compared to farmed salmon!

I haven’t tried the iPhone app yet to see how it’s different than the mobile site. The only change I’d make on the mobile site would be to swap the order so that Best Choices are shown first and Avoid at the end. Otherwise, it’s a nice mobile reference.

Top Mobile Websites for 2008

Previously I’ve reported on the top mobile websites as determined by outgoing clicks from, my collection of websites dedicated for small-screen devices. Today I ran the numbers again to look at all of 2008.

First, a quick summary of the methodology: I’m using a MyBlogLog widget to track all incoming and outgoing links from the website. For this kind of analysis, I simply download from MyBlogLog the detailed report for the whole year of 2008. Note that because the widget requires JavaScript, mobiles browsers without JavaScript enabled won’t be counted. But, the comparison of outgoing links should still be valid, even if the total numbers are under counted somewhat.

Without further delay, here are the results for the most popular mobile websites of 2008 (as determined by the readers of I’m showing the top 50 results with total number of clicks shown in parenthesis.

  1. Maxim (7,517)
  2. YouTube (6,564)
  3. CNN Mobile (6,007)
  4. (5,826)
  5. American Express (5,022)
  6. Bank of America (4,743)
  7. Google Maps (4,485)
  8. Covergirl Mobile (4,412)
  9. Discovery Channel (4,254)
  10. Mobile Stream Center (4,143)
  11. PDA Animated Weather (4,032)
  12. GameGeek (4,007)
  13. Gas Buddy (3,982)
  14. The Onion (3,862)
  15. Netflix Mobile (3,850)
  16. Car and Driver (3,811)
  17. Flickr Mobile (3,712)
  18. ESPN (3,705)
  19. The Weather Channel (3,693)
  20. Mobile MapQuest (3,525)
  21. Thumb Games (3,498)
  22. Fandango (3,406)
  23. Men’s Health (3,374)
  24. Mobile speed test (3,322)
  25. PayPal (3,221)
  26. AccuWeather (3,133)
  27. MTV (3,095)
  28. Gameloft (3,053)
  29. Wireless Edition (3,024)
  30. TV Guide (3,016)
  31. Mobile DrinkBoy (3,001)
  32. eBay mobile (2,991)
  33. ZooVision (2,865)
  34. Amazon (2,843)
  35. MySpace (2,829)
  36. (2,799)
  37. Traffic (2,785)
  38. USA Today (2,776)
  39. BBC News (2,766)
  40. Facebook (2,756)
  41. Wall Street Journal (2,729)
  42. Mr Movie Mobile (2,722)
  43. Calculators (2,712)
  44. FOX News (2,652)
  45. CNET (2,591)
  46. New York Post (2,556)
  47. Google (2,545)
  48. Food Network (2,500)
  49. Wapedia (encyclopedia) (2,480)
  50. Song Lyrics (2,457)

Overall there were about 420,000 clicks on about 320 mobile links. Here’s a chart showing the total click distribution:


For those that might be interested, I’m also posting the full set of data in CSV format (CantoniMobileClicks2008.csv). If you do anything further with the data, please let me know.

BlackBerry Storm Simulator

BlackBerry’s latest phone — launched with a ton of advertising — is the BlackBerry Storm, available only through Verizon here in the US. If you’d like to try the phone virtually, you can download the latest BlackBerry simulator.

Previously, I’ve talked about using BlackBerry simulators for mobile web testing. The instructions for this release are the same:

  1. Go to the BlackBerry Developer Tools page
  2. Download and install the “MDS Simulator” and “Smartphone Simulator” – for the latter, choose the v4.70 package to get the Storm (aka BlackBerry 9530)
  3. To simulate, launch first the MDS simulator, then the 9530 simulator

I suggest reading the provided help file, especially to understand the various keyboard/touch options which are kind of funky when mapped to the PC keyboard and mouse.

BlackBerry Storm 9530 Simulator Screenshot