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Best Bowl Game of the Year

Last night the Boise State Broncos delivered by far the best bowl game of the season, defeating the Oklahoma Sooners 43-42 in overtime. If you just read the headlines summarizing the game, they really didn’t do it justice. Boise State clearly outplayed Oklahoma and led almost the entire game.

Jeremy Stone on Yahoo! Sports has a good column summarizing the game:

A 43-42 overtime win over Big 12 champion Oklahoma would have been enough to satisfy even the pickiest Bronco fan. But 43-42 doesn’t begin to tell the story of this four-hour journey, from impressive domination to sheer despair to unbelievable excitement to one last dig into a depleted bag of tricks, that made everyone a Boise State fan.

How do you top a 50-yard, game-tying hook-and-lateral with seven seconds left and a fourth-down, game-saving touchdown pass by a running back? How about a Statue of Liberty play for the game-winning conversion in overtime to cap an unbeaten season, with the scorer (Ian Johnson) proposing to his girlfriend right afterward?

WAC champion Boise State 43, big bad Oklahoma 42. One for the little guy. One for the ages.

Over on ESPN, you can vote whether this was the best bowl game ever or check out Pat Forde’s great column today:

Check the plaque at the lady’s feet on Liberty Island this morning and see if the familiar sonnet has been changed. See if it now reads, “Give me your non-BCS teams tired of being disrespected, your poor of football budget, your huddled masses of mid-major strivers yearning to play in the grandest bowl games.” And see if Lady Liberty is wearing a Boise State jersey today.

2007 NASCAR Schedule

The offseason for NASCAR has been pretty busy, as usual. When your season runs from February through November, there isn’t a lot of down time, especially since the first race of the year — the Daytona 500 — is also the most important.

Some items of note:

  • Satellite radio coverage is moving from XM to Sirius who is already running full page color ads in USA Today
  • Tony Stewart joins Howard Stern and others with his own radio show on Sirius
  • For TV coverage, NBC and FX are out while Fox, Speed Channel, ABC, ESPN and TNT will split the races; for details of this 8-year, $4.8B deal, see this Wikipedia article
  • DirecTV will offer live in-car coverage for certain drivers (for an additional cost, unfortunately)
  • Goody’s Headache Power replaced by Tylenol – I’m not even sure what to say about this

Update 2006-02-07: Also see more details about the NASCAR TV Schedule.

Start counting down the days…

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American Le Mans at Laguna Seca

This past Saturday I had the good fortune to attend the final American Le Mans Series race of the year down at Laguna Seca. This Le Mans format is really different with four distinct classes of race cars running all at the same time (two classes of Grand Touring cars and two of Prototype). The overall race winner was an Audi R10 TDI which was a turbo-diesel. (In addition to being screaming fast, this car was really quiet.)

We were lucky to be guests of the Portal Player hospitality suite (associated with Flying Lizard Motorsports), so we had a great view of turn 11 and the pits. (And never ran out of food or drinks, or course.)

The Le Mans series was very fan-friendly with the paddock area open to all. They also had an hour-long autograph session with the team drivers. Before the start of the race, the starting grid was open to the public as well, so you could really get close to the action.

My little HP camera isn’t so good at high-speed action shots, but I did get a few good ones from the pit/paddock areas and walking around the track:

Flickr photoset: Monterey Sports Car Championships

Corvette Garage and Pits Audi #2

SpellBound Extension for Firefox

I’ve really come to appreciate and rely on the SpellBound Firefox extension. Whether it’s creating a new blog entry, submitting bug reports and comments, or any other web-based content, having spell check only a right-click away is very handy.

Things were going swimmingly, until Firefox update came out. Unfortunately the SpellBound extension and the corresponding dictionaries both reported incompatibility with the newer version. A quick web search revealed one possible solution: editing the install.rdf file inside the XPI packages to raise the “maximum” version number supported.

After uninstalling my existing extensions, then installing these newly-modified ones, spell check was back again! Here are copies of my modified XPI files that could be installed directly into Firefox for Windows without any editing:

Update: In the comments, some people suggested using Google toolbar’s spellchecker. Nathan Sharp cautioned that this would send your data to remote Google servers which may be a concern. I followed up in an entry about Google Toolbar.

Update #2: Based on the number of comments and visitors, this post has become fairly popular. I’m glad people found it helpful. I also just updated my server so that these .xpi files are served with the correct MIME type so you should be able to install directly into Firefox by clicking the links above (and allowing as a trusted install site).

Stanford Tree Drunk?

I’ve been a big Stanford football fan and season ticket holder for quite a while now (I guess about 8 years). The whole “anti-establishment” band thing has been amusing at times, but especially when they get in trouble. From yesterday, it turns out that the tree was fired for drinking on the job (emphasis mine):

“She wasn’t doing anything offensive,” Urmy said. “She was just jumping and dancing. The tree’s movement is usually consistent with that of someone who’s had something to drink.”

Those in my family who are Notre Dame fans relish the fact that Stanford’s band is no longer welcome at Notre Dame. (Although I must admit the potato famine gag was pretty funny…)

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