Great Example of Mobile Context: Moviefone

There are a lot of “movie times” apps out there, but I’m sticking with Moviefone for my favorite feature: the Playing Now Near Me button. It really captures the idea around mobile context — rather than messing around with dates/times and zip codes, just show me what my closest options are. This would also be great for travelers who aren’t familiar with the area.

This could also be useful if you’re near the end of your movie, and want to sneak into another in the same theater!

Screenshot of Moviefone mobile iPhone app

The Moviefone mobile app killer feature: Playing Now Near Me
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Screencast: Blog Backup to

I recently started using to back up my blog. Mover is a relatively new service which can migrate or back up between several different cloud services. I’m starting to use it as part of my backup strategy, making sure even files I have “in the cloud” are located in more that one service.

The pricing model is also quite simple: they charge $1 per GB transferred. You deposit money in your account and it draws down. In the case of this blog, the initial data transfer was about 1 GB, and the daily incremental backups are usually under 1 MB. At that rate my initial $10 will last quite a while.

To demonstrate the steps, here’s a short screencast in which I add a regular backup task from part of my blog to the Box cloud service: Demo – Back up blog to Box cloud service

Tech Advent Calendars – 2013

It’s that time of the year again – Advent calendars for many tech communities. As in past years (2011, 2012), I’ve gathered a few here that should be interesting:

Web Advent is taking the year off.

I have a combined RSS feed (created with Yahoo! Pipes) that picks up all of these advent calendars: (Yahoo Pipe source).