Changing Web Host

Ever since first appears (way back in
November 1999), I’ve used as my web/e-mail

Since my current subscription is about to expire, I decided
to switch to a different provider: Here are some of
the reasons:

  • Cost: the basic cost is very similar ($17/mo Interland,
    $18/mo Pair)
  • Databases would cost extra on Interland but a couple are
    included with Pair
  • Scripting would cost extra on Interland but is included with
  • Pair includes secure interfaces for logging in, for uploading
    files, and for reading e-mail
  • Virtual domains cost $1/mo on Pair — this will let me
    host some other domains I might play around with
  • Both services offer a large number of e-mail accounts which
    is important; I was close to using, but decided
    against it because of the limited number of e-mail accounts
  • Windows (Interland) vs. Unix (Pair) — I’m not
    anti-Windows, but I think the Unix (I think it’s FreeBSD) system
    will give me more flexibility and control. I’ve also set up a
    Linux box to better learn the configuration of Apache.

Tonight I backed up my old site and made the DNS changes.
They claim it takes “24 – 72 hours” for the change
to propagate through the Internet. We’ll see!

For future reference, here are the old and new locations:

  • Old location (Interland):
  • New location (Pair):