Tom’s Hardware

Tom's Hardware is a popular destination for new PC hardware reviews and information. They don't have an RSS feed, but they do have a e-mail newsletter which is nicely done. This and AnandTech are the two PC hardware sites that I regularly read. Unlike AnandTech however, Tom's Hardware doesn't have any way to view reviews on a single (printer-friendly) page. Not a huge problem but it makes you appreciate the sites that offer a way to print a long review for easier reading.

Some highlights from this week's newsletter include:

  • MO Storage Means Mo Safety reviews magneto-optical drives with the promise of longer-term storage compared to CD and DVD, albeit at fairly slow read/write performance. One drive that looks interesting is the Fujitsu DynaMO 640U2 Photo which is a portable 640 MB MO drive with a built-in PC Card reader. A good combination for backing up digital camera pictures directly to MO when you travel without your laptop.
  • Network Direct Attached Storage: Ximeta NetDisk — coincidentally I just saw this on sale at Fry's yesterday and wondered what it was. It's a portable hard drive with USB 2.0 as well as Ethernet connections. The review wasn't very positive; apparently it's not a true NAS type device, requires special software installed on each Windows system and only allows one PC at a time to have write permission. I'm not very familiar with NAS, but I imagine there are other solutions, including building one yourself.
  • Bungie Finally Brings Halo to the PC — ahh, now it's getting good! I just picked up this game but haven't played it yet. Overall they gave it a glowing review. Elsewhere I've read complaints that this is basically a port of the XBox version which is 2 years old.