Gnomedex Day 1

The Gnomedex conference is under way this morning and it
looks to be a lot of fun.

We’ve got an open wireless LAN set up on the conference floor,
but this morning it’s seems a little flaky. (Around lunchtime
it became solid again.)

My Yahoo has a special page up that points to all the bloggers
who are here, along with easy “add to My Yahoo!” buttons: [Via Jeremy]

Another good source for updates is Feedster. Technorati
is also being pointed to by lots of folks, but the updates are
often quite old and it’s not that useful.

The sessions were all quite interesting:

  • The Future of Security was a great start for the day. Mostly the
    same topics that people have hashed through before, but it was
    a good discussion.
  • Maximizing Your Blogging Strategies was interesting but the
    conversation kind of wandered and was more of a blogger A-list
    kind of thing.
  • Steve Wozniak Keynote was cool. His talk started out a little
    scattered, but then he walked through his personal history
    with technology leading up to the start of Apple Computer. Very
  • Maximizing Your Digital Lifestyle was pretty good, talking
    mostly about digital devices and hearing from the various camps
    (backpack full of gadgets vs. don’t even have a cell phone).
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