Bloglines Enclosure Download

I just published my “Bloglines enclosure downloader” script.
This started as an experiment with the Bloglines service
APIs. As other applications (in particular, Doppler) continued to
advance, I put this on hold. Doppler had promised support for
Bloglines support in version 1, so I waited. Once the final
Doppler came out, I realized it wasn’t quite the way I wanted.

So, I did some more hacking on my little Perl script to create
a 340-liner that works for me and might work for others.

This script has the key features I’m looking for, in particular the automatic association with a designated folder in the Bloglines service. You don’t need to load up my script with feed URLs, just point it to a single Bloglines folder and it’ll do the rest.

The script will automatically download audio files, tag them if needed, and create an M3U-format playlist. It doesn’t yet set up the files for automatic transfer to a media player, but that can certainly be added in.

If anyone finds this useful or has ideas for changes, please let me know!

Project: Bloglines Enclosure Download