Podcasts of Interest

I’ve been finding more and more podcasts out there and listening to as many as possible on my new Zen Touch. The problem — as others have pointed out — is not having enough hours in the day to listen to all of this. In Bloglines I subscribe to about 180 feeds, but I do a lot of skimming which lets me keep up. With audio, I’ve realized I need to be more selective on the feeds I follow.

With that in mind, here are podcasts that I’ve found consistently interesting:

  • Brainwagon is Mark VandeWettering talking about a variety of tech subjects and some buy diazepam no prescription insight from his work at Pixar Animation Studios.
  • GeekNewsCentral is Todd Cochrane‘s site covering all sorts of technical content. One of Todd’s earlier podcasts explained his move from the early BBS days to weblogs in part because of the people and the interesting ideas that are exchanged.
  • Treo Podcast is another technical podcast, but is recorded completely on a Treo 600. Lots of good Treo tips as you’d expect.
  • MWGblog is something non-tech for a change — Michael Geoghegan giving in-depth movie reviews. This one could be bad for the bank account; I’ve already put a few DVDs on my Amazon wishlist.