Yahoo! Local Bookmarklet

I’ve been using Yahoo! Local a lot recently for finding local businesses and restaurants. Sending links to friends, however, is a bit painful because the URLs are so long (and tend to break in email clients).

To make this a little bit easier, I created a bookmarklet that strips the URL down to just the minimum fields, suitable for sending by email. I’ve confirmed this works with IE 6.0 and Firefox 1.0.4 on Windows, but haven’t had a chance to test on a Mac yet and have heard it works fine with Safari 2.0 / Mac OS X.

To install, drag the following link to your browsers’ toolbar: Y!Local Send

Update: I tweaked the bookmarklet to work correctly with IE6 on Windows XP Service Pack 2. If dragging the link to IE toolbar doesn’t work, right-click on the link and choose Add to Favorites, answer Yes to the warning, then select the Links folder.

Update 2005-07-14: I tweaked the bookmarklet again because it seems that Yahoo! Local changed a parameter for the “details” results.