Yahoo! Music on Palm Devices

I’ve been having fun with Yahoo! Music Unlimited, an inexpensive music subscription service that is currently in beta. Unfortunately my stinking Creative Zen Touch is still waiting for a firmware upgrade to be compatible with these subscription services.

The good news this week: Pocket Tunes v3.1 has added Windows Media DRM support for subscription stores, including Yahoo’s! This afternoon I loaded up my Tungsten T3 and gave it a whirl. Other than download speed (which is really slow through HotSync), it worked just fine. Newer devices like the T5 and LifeDrive should have faster data transfer times. I think you can also copy the protected WMA files directly to a memory card, but I need to confirm.

Check the list of supported devices. Unfortunately the Treo 600 is not supported, but the 650 is. Another reason to upgrade I suppose…

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