I’m back to trying out FeedBurner again, primarily to see if their stats capabilities are helpful for my RSS and Atom feeds. I notice a lot of people change their “advertised” feed to be the Feedburner URL, but I think it’s cleaner to use a URL on your domain and just redirect (assuming you have this capability with your web host). That way, you can try FeedBurner for a while and return back to your original links if you want.

Here’s the sequence I used:

  1. Create two new templates in Movable Type (rss_fb.xml, atom_fb.xml), filling with the same content as the existing templates (we’ll give these URLs only to FeedBurner)
  2. Sign up both of these new feeds on FeedBurner
  3. Wait a day to make sure FeedBurner is fetching feeds correctly
  4. Use .htaccess to redirect feed requests to the FeedBurner URLs:
    RedirectTemp /rss.xml http://feeds.feedburner.com/cantonirss
    RedirectTemp /atom.xml http://feeds.feedburner.com/cantoniatom

Now I’ll check back in a couple days to see if the stats provide anything interesting.