TypePad Mobile Launched

About 5 months after acquiring SplashBlog, TypePad today announced the release of TypePad Mobile:

Today we’re excited to announce the release of TypePad Mobile, a free application for your Palm, Windows Mobile or Symbian Series 60 smartphone that lets you post photos and entries to your TypePad blogs and photo albums with just a few clicks.

I expect the new software will work very well. SplashData has a history of writing solid Palm OS applications and with this software being integrated directly into TypePad, should provide a smooth interaction for the user.

I don’t have a TypePad account, so can’t really try it out. I’m still waiting for a good mobile blog posting solution for Movable Type. Actually, I wonder if this new software will also support Vox? It would make sense to do so. I just got an invite to Vox yesterday and will be checking it out soon hopefully.

(Via Jeff Clavier)