Firefox 2.0 Extension Fixes

Update 2009-07-24: The original author of CopyURL+ has not updated it for several years; instead, see CopyURL+ by Marbux for a more up-to-date release.

Looks like today is the official launch of the Firefox 2.0 web browser. Along with all the new features, bug fixes, and other nifty goodies, a new Firefox usually means several extensions that refuse to work.

Usually (but not always) this is simply a matter of incrementing the highest supported version setting in the extension package itself. In my case, two extensions needed to be “fixed” in this manner: Aardvark and CopyURL+. For both, I’ve updated the plugin configuration to work properly under Firefox 2.0 and hosted copies on my server:

For Aardvark, also check out my screencast demonstration. For CopyURL+, see my notes about customizing it for making blog entries easier.

I guess one other Firefox 2.0 change is that Spellbound is no longer necessary — spell checking is built-in to the browser now.

Update 2006-12-19: Extended the version maximum on each to “2.*” so they’ll continue to work with Firefox 2.0.x updates.