Inside Scoop on Credit Card Affiliates

I recently received an unsolicited offer from a credit card services company asking me to sign up for their affiliate program. It looks like my blog was discovered based on my Nascar postings, because the first card profiled is the Nascar-related Visa.

What was interesting to me was the amount of money being offered for these deals. There were a lot of brand-name cards like Discover, Chase, American Express, Bank of America, and so on. You could earn anywhere from $30 – $50 for each card approval. Not too bad for just putting an affiliate link on your website or newsletter.

They even have cards designed for those with no credit or who are “rebuilding” their credit. The payout for each application ranges up to $25 for these. If you’ve even wondered about those free giveaways at sporting events — where they give a free shirt or something just for applying for their card — now you can see the economics of it.