FogBugz World Tour

Joel Spolsky is taking to the road next month to promote FogBugz (his company’s bug tracking system) on a 21-city tour through the US and Canada:

Here’s what you can expect if you show up. There will be some really, really expensive coffee and maybe a muffin or something if the hotel in particularly cheap. If you come a bit early, it’ll be a great chance to meet some interesting software people in your city.

I’ll show off some of my favorite features in FogBugz 6.0, but mostly, I’ll talk about the software development process in general. I’ll leave a lot of time for Q&A. There will be a member of the FogBugz development team with me and we’ll also leave plenty of time afterwards for one-on-one questions if you have something to ask us that isn’t of general interest. Then we’ll pack our projector and rush off to the airport and on to the next city.

I signed up to see him in Mountain View, CA on October 10th. If you’re into Joel at all, sign up now. It should be interesting.